Back-to-School Check List

A Homeschooler's Back-to-School Check List

by Tamara Eaton

Public schools are in session again in our hometown and even though we

homeschool year-round in a relaxed style, our children have been motivated to

create a new fall schedule and get ready for another homeschool year. Perhaps

you're an inexperienced homeschooler and tempted to panic or feel overwhelmed.

Take a look at this check list to see if there is anything you've missed in

preparing for this new year!

* Check your attitudes--both yours and the children's! Attitudes are catching

and we set the atmosphere for our household. Allow time to work on Biblical

child-training principles, if needed. ( See Biblical Child-Training Tips )

* Simplify your lifestyle. No, we can't control the trials and all

circumstances of life, but that's all the more reason to simplify what we DO

have control over. Don't overschedule--plan a basic routine with plenty of room

for flexibility! Make sure your "Homeschool" doesn't end up being "Roadschool"

because you're over committed to too many activities. (See Time Management ;

Priorities )

* EASE into your new routine for this school year. Consider starting just a

couple of your subjects for the first two weeks, gradually adding the others.

* Make sure your homeschool materials are organized and easily accessible. Buy

LOTS of pencils. (Oh the wasted time of searching for pencils!) Choose a place

for each child to keep his materials so they don't get lost. A large covered

box, shelf or drawer for each child is perfect.

* Establish a good routine for keeping the main living areas of your home

relatively neat. Do the children have assigned chores so that all the

responsibility doesn't fall to Mom? (See Homeschool & Housework )

* Plan to cover the basics first--then enjoy the "frills". Give your children

the tools they need to learn and don't worry about missing out on the

extracurricular activities. You'll have time for that later.

* Don't forget to ENJOY your children. Take time to read aloud or research an

interest together. (Even for just 15-20 minutes!) Learning is much more than

textbooks and drills. (See Book Suggestions )

* Be prepared to run into some snags. Each year of homeschooling requires new

adjustments--the children are different ages, the circumstances are different.

It takes time to establish a good working routine. Take a day off when needed

to "regroup".

* Don't lose sight of what's most important--nurturing and discipling your

children in the Lord. And to do this, you must not neglect your own

relationship with the Lord! (See In His Presence )

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