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In all levels of traditional education, success is dependent on showing what you know to the right people at the designated time to get the grade you need to earn the piece of paper you desire. You may think you know the material on Monday but if you can't produce the correct information for the exam on Wednesday, you're unlikely to get the outcome you want. Procrastination, test anxiety, time management, not knowing how to "hack" a textbook - all these things will trip you up on your path towards educational success.

Stanford University says it best "When most people think about coaching, they traditionally think about sports. Coaches help the team develop workouts, create practice schedules, and provide encouragement. The combination of support helps team members prepare for the big game.   

Academic coaches provide the same type of help for your learning fitness. We offer research-based strategies to improve your study techniques, help you manage your time, and offer encouragement along the way.  

As different issues come up throughout the quarter, you might have different topics you want to go over with an academic coach like:

  • How can I get the most out of lecture?

  • I’d like help managing my time so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • What is the best way to get through all the reading and retain information?

  • How can I improve my note-taking skills?

  • I have a midterm coming up and I get nervous taking tests. What are ways to combat that anxiety?

  • I got my test back and would like to go over it with someone to figure out what went wrong and how I can do better on the final. 

  • I have a paper coming up and I want help creating a plan that will help me avoid writing it all the night before.

  • I need suggestions to help keep me motivated.

  • Exams are coming up and I find myself procrastinating. How can I stay productive?

Unlike sports, a lot of people feel like academics should be a solo act. But how absurd would it be if an athlete didn’t do well during a game, and then decided to practice alone until the next match? "

I can help tailor a personal academic coaching plan to help give you the best shot of academic success using the Success Hacks I have personally used in the university setting.

      I was a publicly/privately schooled RN who wanted to homeschool my youngest daughter. I knew nothing about how to do that. I thought I had to go by the Hamilton County online curriculum and, frankly, I'd rather pull all my teeth out.

SHIFT Educational Consulting taught me exactly what I needed to know, not just to survive, but to thrive as a homeschool mom and teacher.


Knowing the backgrounds of varied homeschool philosophies, finding curriculum that works for our family and my child's specific learning style was invaluable information that worked for us.


Bottom Line - If you need help SHIFTing to a different educational model that doesn't involve you being the homework police (and who wants that?) and helping you configure an environment of learning for you and your family, then give SHIFT Educational a call without delay.

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